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How to Subscribe

Subscribing to the 5 Guiding Principles should be a straightforward process.

Companies, Organisations & Individuals trading as companies who wish to subscribe - can!


The process is simple:

  • Read the 5 Guiding Principles together with 'your' freelancers 

  • Discuss what you're already doing that is inline with the 5GPs

  • Discuss what you could do in the future to implement them further

  • Look at the resources for inspiration and examples of best practice

  • Write a statement of commitment - however simple - it could be one point by each of the principles 

  • Publish an outline of your commitment on your organisation's website, newsletter and/or socials

  • Send us a copy

We willl then:

  • Add you to the list of subscribers

  • Link to your website

  • Send you the digital marque to display

Freelancers have

also referenced this work when talking to companies & organisations about how

they can develop their working relationships and implement best

practice models.

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